There’s nothing like music and a fire.

This summer, sit around a fire and brain storm some musical ideas with friends or fellow musicians. At any age and any skill level. The fire is a great place to be open and free musically. So this summer sit around the fire an let the music spark. Have a happy 4th of July.


Watch “Music Exceptionalities” on YouTube

Music with Exceptionalities.

Here is a link to a video i made that might interest you regarding exceptionalities in the field of music! Also look here for another video I made regarding the matter!

Music Theory Tool

Here is a very helpful music theory tool, that has helped me grow and all of my students. Check it out here. Attached is also a review I made of the site to help navigate. Enjoy!

Smartboard Assignments for the Music Teacher.

Personally, I don’t do well with technology but the smartboard is fun and easy to use . Here are a few games and or lessons that I found interesting on the smarboard database. One being my own, for middle school band called “Getting to know the Brass Section”. I find this lesson important for grades 5-7 because now that is when band starts these days and we have t realize that we need to educate students on the instruments before they choose one so they know what they are getting in to. Another one called “Rhythmic and Melodic Dictation” also struck my interest. This was made into a game based on the holiday. For example, a snowman for Christmas, and a heart with hands, legs and a face for Valentines Day. This would be great for 5-7 as well, but the concepts could be increased to be more difficult depending on what grade you wish to use it for. The last one i found would be “Musical Terms”. Musical terms are so important, the language and how we relate that to how we practice and perform. So many students are loosing the language that is so important. This needs to be implemented into the curriculum not only for higher education but for early childhood as well. 

The Magic of Voices.

The voice is an amazing instrument and it is under appreciated in my opinion. The Voice can do some absolutely amazing things and create the most amazing colors.  The Magic of Voices and Voctave are two of the most amazing vocal ensembles I have ever heard along with Pentatonix.  These three groups, are ones that every vocal or instrumentalist should look in to, whether you are a Student or a Teacher.

You and Your Chamber Ensemble.

Many musicians at the high school level and beginning college musicians shake and fear for the thought of playing in a chamber music group. Sure it can be scary, because you are playing a part alone, but that’s the beauty of it.

Playing in a chamber group or singing as a chamber group, you are forced to play or sing your part alone with out help from another musician. This will make you much more of an accomplished musician.

Playing in a chamber group increases the ability of the musical ear. You are able to play where everyone in the ensemble is exposed. The way you listen and blend together will change the way you are a musician.

The biggest thing chamber music helps would be the ability to be able to read music better. Chamber music is much more difficult then most band parts or orchestra parts because every part is a solo part if you think about it.

Here is a link to one of my favorite Brass chamber groups from the area.